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News - Month: October 2015

Month: October 2015

Growing Jobs is Key to Ohio's $90B Manufacturing Sector

By Ashley Jackson
October 19, 2015 Category: News

This month, the Ohio Department of Higher Education and Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow launched the Ohio Manufacturing Careers Council, an Ohio industry-led initiative to further develop manufacturing skills in youth and adults. The council, which has secured more than $697,000 in funding commitments, will increase partnerships among Ohio manufacturing firms and the states workforce and education systems to ensure a continued pipeline of well-trained workers, officials said. LIFT, one of the founding institutes in the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, said Ohio companies plan to add another 25,600 workers to their payrolls in advanced manufacturing over the next decade, increasing employment 3.4 percent in these fields. Select Industries, like all other manufacturing companies, struggles every day to find qualified candidates to fill our open manufacturing jobs. DRMA President Angelia Erbaugh said a statewide focus on manufacturing careers is essential for the continued

SME and the Manufacturing Skills Standard Council Transforming Career Counseling

By Ashley Jackson
October 19, 2015 Category: News

SME and the Manufacturing Skill Standard Council have released a new white paper, Transforming Career Counseling: Bridging School to Career in the Workforce of the Future, which provides recommendations on how to best counsel and guide middle school and high school students on career pathway options. The paper determines that enhanced career counseling can help drive economic prosperity and ensure students are not only trained, but also have the appropriate skills to fill gaps across various industries. According to Pam Hurt, industry manager of workforce development for SME A key message in our research and resulting white paper is that there must be a collaboration of various stakeholders - school systems, government, parents and employers - to enable career counseling and career plans to align with what companies actually need, first crucial step is getting to these students in middle school and high school. Read More

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