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Ohio Offers Practical Guides to Educators and Families to Support Modern Manufacturing Careers

March 15, 2018 by Diane Rossa

Over the next decade, the United States will need to fill nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs, but 2 million jobs may go unfilled because we do not currently have enough people trained to do them. Since Ohio is the third largest manufacturing state in terms of employment, Ohio Department of Education and NAPE have developed useful guides for educators, parents and students. These guides assist in understanding the competencies, education and opportunities in today and tomorrows modern manufacturing sector. You will find lesson plans, worksheets, and career exploration resources. Make Their Futures A Practical Guide for Educators Make Your Future A Practical Guide for Students and Their Families

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MAGNET Partners with National LIFT Initiative to Support Regional Manufacturers and Implement High School Internships

August 30, 2017 by Diane Rossa

Cleveland, OH---LIFT (Lightweighting Innovations for Tomorrow) is one of nine manufacturing innovation institutes that make up Manufacturing USA. Encompassing five states including Ohio, LIFT is targeting the use of new weight-reducing technologies and materials in industries such as transportation, automotive, aerospace, defense, and bio-medical. Research shows that lighter materials can bring better performance benefits to a range of components and products critical to these sectors. Through the LIFT partnership, MAGNET provides students with work-based learning opportunities including paid internships in lightweighting-related companies throughout the full supply chain. It also provides a financial incentive to companies hiring students. Working with career technical schools and colleges, the project will demonstrate the value of this approach to address the skill shortages in advanced manufacturing and will result in an advanced manufacturing career pathway. MAGNET recently hosted

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Growing the Talent Pipeline

November 14, 2016 by Ashley Jackson

Over the next decade, there will be a predicted 3.5 million vacant jobs within the manufacturing industry. It is anticipated that 57 percent of these jobs will remain vacant due to a decreasing pool of qualified talent desiring to enter careers in manufacturing. As a parent, educator, counselor, or mentor you are able to expose and influence students that are unaware of the challenging and rewarding careers Advanced Manufacturing offers in their communities. The Manufacturing Teachers Guide is filled with age-appropriate student resources and activities from product research and development to design to production to sales. Download your free copy! This guide was made possible by the Toyota U.S.A. Foundation and Dream It. Do It. Minnesota, led by 360 Manufacturing Center of Excellence and Bemidji State University. Image Source

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3-D printing sector to blossom to 1.1 Billion within Auto industry by 2019

October 03, 2016 by Ashley Jackson

Due to the ever-changing nature and high demand for customized luxury vehicles. Part suppliers in the automotive industry have resorted to additive manufacturing also known as 3-D Printing to rapidly produce prototypes and parts without compromising quality. Yesteryears practices depended on methods such as molding and casting processes to create parts which needed ample time for trial and error. 3-D printing drastically cuts production times and allows for high volume specialized processing at lower costs. As the technology evolves so will the ability to produce more complex parts and softwares from thought to finish. Read more about Additive Manufacturings 1.1 Billion worth in the Automotive Industry Learn how this will effect the Automotive Industry Companies on the forefront of 3-D printing in Automotive Industry

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Ohio Tradesmen making $100K without a College Degree

July 11, 2016 by Ashley Jackson

Todays occupations in Advanced Manufacturing have considerably evolved from your grandfathers factory job. Modern artisans (tradesmen, craftsmen) operate robots, grow steel and perform functions through computerized processes. The manufacturing industry is ever growing and has long provided those willing to apply themselves a ladder into financial prosperity through job stability with little to no college debt. Within three years tradesmen have the potential to be making $75,000 plus benefits with possibilities for tuition assistance to further education. Check the full story: Explore Careers in Advanced Manufacturing - Get Introduced to Career Pathways - Ohio Career - Technical Schools by District - Earn

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To Be or Not to Be

June 09, 2016 by Ashley Jackson

A maker can be defined as a person or thing that makes or produces something. Creators, manufacturers, constructors, builders, producers, fabricators, inventors, architects, designers are all makers! Makers, builders and doers are derived of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Ordinary Americans that are able to help create solutions to challenges and perpetuate Americas economy when they have access to the resources they need. During National Week of Making, we celebrate the tinkerers and dreamers whose talent and drive have brought new ideas to life, and we recommit to cultivating the next generation of problem solvers. Last year, at the first-ever White House Maker Faire, I called on leaders around our Nation to join in sparking a grassroots renaissance in American making and manufacturing. President Obama. Join the initiative June 17th 23rd as hundreds of events celebrating home-grown ingenuity will be taking place around the country in libraries, museums, schools, universities,

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The Infinite Life of Aluminum!

May 23, 2016 by Ashley Jackson

Aluminum isinfinitely recyclable! In fact 75%of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today! In 2011 over 60 billion cans were recycled, equating to 17 million barrels of crude oil saved. That amount of oil that could power 1 million vehicles for 12 months or produce the 29 billion plastic water bottles that Americans consume each year. (To view the full article) For more information and activites on the infinite life of aluminum and how you can reduce your carbon foot print by recycling please visit:

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Why Industry Certification?

April 20, 2016 by Ashley Jackson

Skill certifications are becoming the new currency in which workers can exhibit sought-after talent in the manufacturing job market. Industry recognized certifications allow employers to determine what workers and job applicants know and are able to do on the job. Over 419,000 Industry-Based Certifications have been issued Since 2011. The Skills Certification System was developed by manufacturers for manufacturers as a way to create a talent pool and for employers looking for employees with high-demand skills. It places an emphasis on technical competencies, STEM subject areas, and applied, hands-on learning. Certification requirements are often embedded in programs at local schools and colleges. Students can master skills needed for employment and later show documentation to perspective employers. For more information on Certifications visit: For more information on The

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