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The VEX Middle and High School Robotic’s Teams Compete in World Competition

By Ashley Jackson
February 23, 2016 Category: News

The Robotics competition held on Saturday February 6th, at Brookside High School combined education and creativity through advanced manufacturing. Under the guidance of Kevin Landis, Brooksides technology teacher and robotics adviser, the challenge was for each team to build its own robotic equipment, then figure out how to do a better job than the a competing team in having the equipment retrieve plastic balls and hurl them into nets. This is the first year both middle and high school students participated. Each year every team buys standardized equipment fromVEX Roboticsto use for their entry. Which team does the best job with the same pieces and parts as everyone else is one measure of skill. How well they deploy their entries is another. The competition teaches teamwork and is an introduction to mechanical engineering. The winnersof Saturdays event will compete with other regional finalists to compete in the state competition on March 4 in Marion, Ohio. They also could represent

Manufacturing Day 2015 Changing Public Perception

By Ashley Jackson
December 10, 2015 Category: News

The results are in for the this years Manufacturing Day festivities, based on the Deloitte survey commissioned by The Manufacturing Institute, MFG Day 2015 was a huge triumph for manufacturers and participants. Reporting that 94% of hosts valued their participation in Manufacturing Day and that 88% of participants became more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities. A special Thank You to all who participated by illustrating career opportunities in todays advanced manufacturing environment. Read More...

Connecting STEM, Robotics, and Advanced Manufacturing Career Awareness Program

By Ashley Jackson
November 09, 2015 Category: News

In celebration of Manufacturing Month, Magnet hosted Connecting Stem, Robotics, and Advanced Manufacturing Career Awareness Program on WVIZ/Ideastream. The panel featured; In celebration of Manufacturing Month, Magnet hosted Connecting Stem, Robotics, and Advanced Manufacturing Career Awareness Program on WVIZ/Ideastream. The panel featured; Elizabeth Irizarry, Product Portfolio Manager for Nordsons UV and Powder Coating lines in the Industrial Coating Systems business segment. Anthony Valletta, Production Supervisor for Nordson Industrial Coating Systems. Seth Pisanelli, a Machinist for Nordson Industrial Coating Systems and Amonica Davis, Nordsons Manager of Student Outreach, responsible for managing the Nordson BUILDS Scholarship Program. The panel discussion was followed by robotic demonstrations from Beaumont High Schools Beaumonsters and Tri-Cs Youth Technology Academy. This year the Beaumonsters garnered the attention of CNN reporter Parija Bhatnagar at the National Robotics

Growing Jobs is Key to Ohio's $90B Manufacturing Sector

By Ashley Jackson
October 19, 2015 Category: News

This month, the Ohio Department of Higher Education and Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow launched the Ohio Manufacturing Careers Council, an Ohio industry-led initiative to further develop manufacturing skills in youth and adults. The council, which has secured more than $697,000 in funding commitments, will increase partnerships among Ohio manufacturing firms and the states workforce and education systems to ensure a continued pipeline of well-trained workers, officials said. LIFT, one of the founding institutes in the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, said Ohio companies plan to add another 25,600 workers to their payrolls in advanced manufacturing over the next decade, increasing employment 3.4 percent in these fields. Select Industries, like all other manufacturing companies, struggles every day to find qualified candidates to fill our open manufacturing jobs. DRMA President Angelia Erbaugh said a statewide focus on manufacturing careers is essential for the continued

SME and the Manufacturing Skills Standard Council Transforming Career Counseling

By Ashley Jackson
October 19, 2015 Category: News

SME and the Manufacturing Skill Standard Council have released a new white paper, Transforming Career Counseling: Bridging School to Career in the Workforce of the Future, which provides recommendations on how to best counsel and guide middle school and high school students on career pathway options. The paper determines that enhanced career counseling can help drive economic prosperity and ensure students are not only trained, but also have the appropriate skills to fill gaps across various industries. According to Pam Hurt, industry manager of workforce development for SME A key message in our research and resulting white paper is that there must be a collaboration of various stakeholders - school systems, government, parents and employers - to enable career counseling and career plans to align with what companies actually need, first crucial step is getting to these students in middle school and high school. Read More

New NSC issue brief on making Pell Grants more job-driven

By Ashley Jackson
August 11, 2015 Category: News

The U.S. labor market demand for skilled workers is increasing and more people are turning to career-oriented postsecondary education to prepare them with the skills they need to obtain employment or increase their earnings. Despite the growing demand, career-oriented postsecondary programs - short-term and noncredit programs in particular - are in many cases, ineligible for federal financial aid. However, that may be changing. Read More...

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

By Ashley Jackson
June 24, 2015 Category: News

The Regional 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing Conference held in June, highlighted the uses and advantages of innovative technology, showcasing how manufacturers can save time and money. The Keynote Speaker was Tim Caffrey, principle author of the Wohlers Report, an in-depth, worldwide study of the state of the additive manufacturing and 3-D printing industry. Also speaking at the event was MAGNETs Dave Pierson, with 20 years of experience with additive manufacturing, projects including products for the Cleveland Clinic to Malleys candy bar production equipment.

Attracting A Younger Crowd

By Ashley Jackson
June 24, 2015 Category: News

As baby boomers retire, manufacturers are trying to attract a younger crowd. Manufacturing jobs allow young people earn a good living without overwhelming college debt. In a tough economy, factory work has begun to look surprisingly attractive. Though job growth is slow in U.S. manufacturing (1.5% over the past 12 months) and unlikely to speed up much in an era of increasing automation, the Labor Department estimates 320,000 positions were open in March. Read More....

The Skills Gap? More Like the Grand Canyon

By Ashley Jackson
June 09, 2015 Category: News

Theres a huge need for industrial maintenance technologists, but few programs to train them. An industry consortium has just rolled out new standards to change that. These days, getting accepted into Harvard University is slightly easier than finding an industrial maintenance technologist to troubleshoot a complex machine communication problem. In 2013, according to U.S. News and World Report, Harvard had an acceptance rate of 5.7 %. But if you put to work all recent industrial technology maintenance grads, youd only fill 5.5 % of the available jobs in five of the leading manufacturing states, says James Wall, executive director of the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). Read More....

Manufacturings New Image

By Ashley Jackson
May 07, 2015 Category: News

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Robert Downey Jr., also known as the infamous Iron Man, Tony Stark, assists in the operation/testing of a bionic arm for a seven-year-old, named Alex. Alex, who was born with a partially developed arm is given a gift, feasible for many through the progression of advanced manufacturing.

President Obama Visits MAGNET

By Ashley Jackson
March 25, 2015 Category: News

Considering a Career in Advanced Manufacturing? On March 18, 2015 President Obama began his day-long trip to the buckeye state with a stop at MAGNET, the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Networks Innovation Center in Cleveland. MAGNET is one of six Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEP) in Ohio that works to stimulate and advocate manufacturing throughout the state. The President announced nearly $500 million in public-private investments to strengthen U.S. advanced manufacturing by investing in new technologies and supporting small manufacturers. With the manufacturing sector and auto industries resurging, now is the optimal time to consider a career in manufacturing. There are thousands of unfilled jobs in the manufacturing sector now that need to be filled for continued growth and prosperity. Ohio Dream It. Do It. informs young talent to understand what manufacturing is and the education and skills needed to prepare for a career.

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