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The VEX Middle and High School Robotic’s Teams Compete in World Competition


Vex Middle School CompetitionThe Robotics competition held on Saturday February 6th, at Brookside High  School combined education and creativity through advanced manufacturing.  Under the guidance of Kevin Landis, Brookside's technology teacher and  robotics adviser, the challenge was for each team to build its own robotic  equipment, then figure out how to do a better job than the a competing team  in having the equipment retrieve plastic balls and hurl them into nets. This is  the first year both middle and high school students participated.

 Each year every team buys standardized equipment from VEX Robotics to  use for their entry. Which team does the best job with the same pieces and  parts as everyone else is one measure of skill. How well they deploy their  entries is another. The competition teaches teamwork and is an introduction  to mechanical engineering.

The winners of Saturday's event will compete with other regional finalists to compete in the state competition on March 4 in Marion, Ohio. They also could represent the United States in the world championship games April 20-23 in Kentucky.

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