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American manufacturing is resurging!

Ohio Dream It. Do It. is part of the Manufacturing Institute’s national network to close the skills gap in the advanced manufacturing sector. We are dedicated to changing perceptions and attitudes toward careers in advanced manufacturing and committed to helping students, parents, and job seekers understand the great careers available in advanced manufacturing throughout Ohio.

There are over 14,500 manufacturing firms throughout Ohio, from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized firms. They account for more than $87 billion of output, significantly contributing to the state’s economy.   However, there are thousands of unfilled jobs in manufacturing now that threaten continued growth and prosperity.

Ohio Dream It. Do It. introduces the world of today’s advanced manufacturing and provides resources to engage manufacturers, educators, students, and parents. The information is useful to inspiring and building a talent pipeline of young people who understand what manufacturing is and what education and skills are needed to prepare for a career in manufacturing.

The national network successfully engaged 426,000 students, 76,000 influencers (parents and educators) and 8,600 manufacturers through initiatives such as:


The Manufacturing Institute has developed a strategy to empower manufacturers to reach and inspire the next generation of manufacturing leaders and increase the talent pool of younger workers.

Email us or go to ( for more information and to request your (the) Dream It. Do It. Ambassadors’ Kit.

The Kit provides you with everything you need to begin engaging students — the future workforce — in your region. The Ambassadors’ Kit includes:

  • √ Launch Support: How to plan, launch and succeed with a company-wide Ambassadors’ Program.
  • √ How-To Guides: Step-by-step processes for simple student engagement activities that can be led by company Ambassadors, including classroom visits, facility tours and Manufacturing Day.
  • √ Marketing Materials: Attractive and actionable brochures, posters and social media content that will attract students, parents and educators.
  • √ Communications: Sample communications for building partnerships in your community in support of your engagement.
  • √  Glossary: A glossary of information that ensures every manufacturer can communicate effectively with their audience


MFG DAY addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t.

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Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute releases

The Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing 2015 and Beyond.  The Manufacturing Institute addresses the skills gap with programs such as Dream It. Do It., which aims to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. 

Survey shows improved public perception in manufacturing. By illustrating the career opportunities available in today’s advanced manufacturing environment, the industry is making positive progress in changing the perception of manufacturing.