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Why Introduce Students to Modern Manufacturing?

Information for Educators

You know students need guidance in assessing their abilities, exploring careers that match to their talents, and preparing for their choices. Manufacturing is often overlooked as a solid career even though Americans understand its vital importance to their communities. There is a serious skills gap in manufacturing where good paying jobs are going unfilled. With your support and our assistance, we can spread the news about today's manufacturers and their need for the next generation of talent.

Dream It. Do It. provides information to guide young people on a pathway to success that reflects the changing and growing employment opportunities in advanced manufacturing. By addressing the skills gap, America will remain strong and manufacturing will continue to be the most vital segment of the U.S. economy.

Compensation above the average

Did you know that the average annual compensation, including benefits, for manufacturing in the U.S. is $84,832 (2017)? Today's manufacturers---and there are nearly 13,000 in Ohio--- need people who have a strong work ethic, who are hands-on, and enjoy working in technical environments where products are innovated, designed and made. For manufacturing occupations and salary ranges, click here

Affordable career pathways with tuition assistance and
less college debt

Young people can access a career pathway taking them from production professional positions to supervision to management. Acquiring technical skills, working with your hands, and strong interest in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, math) in middle and high school are the best ways to prepare for advanced manufacturing careers. There are many skilled jobs that require a short-term industry-recognized technical certificate that will add value to your students' resume and get them started on a career path. Some colleges are integrating certifications into associate degrees for those pursuing higher education. Once employed, an individual may work for a company with a tuition reimbursement benefit program.

Modern, high-tech facilities

American manufacturing is rebounding and provides career opportunities with good pay and benefits. Today's manufacturing facilities are modern, safe and high tech. Facilities are well-lit and ventilated, warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer. You will see computerized equipment including robotics, 3-D printers, automated and high-tech functionality.

What Can You Do? Become an Educator Manufacturing Champion! Get Involved!

  • Invite a Dream It. Do It. manufacturer ambassador to speak at your school to parents and to your students about manufacturing careers.
  • Arrange a manufacturing tour to see how manufacturing has changed and integrates technology and automation into its processes.
  • Convey the importance of technical education and associate degrees as an option with students.
  • Participate in October, Ohio Manufacturing Month with making projects and other manufacturing related activities.
  • Seek out competitions such as FIRST robotics and STEM – related activities where students are innovating, designing and making.
  • Facilitate internships, shadowing, or mentoring experiences for students.
  • Align your programs with industry-based standards and skill certifications.

Meet young professionals working in advanced manufacturing:


Resources to Assist You

Manufacturing Pyramid

Manufacturing is an exciting, creative and high-tech field and critical to the United States in leading the world in innovation, job growth, and a healthy economy. Make Their Futures is a new guide developed to assist you with lesson plans, tools, and activities to use in your classroom. Contact your regional manufacturing group for assistance and to obtain an Educator Quick Start Guide. You can also connect with our regional partners.

Visit these links

Be sure to look at the Ohio Means Jobs website here and their K-12 career planning tools.

Manufacturers Create 6th Grade Math Lessons

Want to know how to apply 6th grade math to manufacturing? These three lessons were created with the assistance of local companies, regional MEPs, and in partnership with The Dayton Regional STEM School, E Prep and Village Prep–Woodland Hills in Cleveland, and Bond Hill Academy in Cincinnati. We hope you can use them in your classroom.